About Urban Architectural Group

Urban Architectural Group founded in 1997 with the philosophy that architecture should be rooted in practical matters of building, enhance its place in the community and aspire to the enduring nature of art. Since we began, we have held fast to our beliefs, completing more than 1500 projects. What is more noteworthy than the number of projects is the immeasurable amount of respect we have earned.

Hands on personal service. An extensive knowledge of the industry. Reaching goals and surpassing expectations. All of these things have allowed us to grow successfully while remaining a responsible member of communities in seventeen states.

Today we are a multi-faceted firm built around the essential components of a successful community plan to Live, Work, and Play. Our team members work on interior, medical, office, retail, and industrial projects, while other team members are focused on residential, and others concentrate on multi-family and mixed use projects that sometimes requires collaboration with other team members. It's an approach that works, allowing us to design unified communities.

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